Quality is a question of trust

In no other industry is it likely that quality and trust are so closely related as in that of the food industry. Alert trading partners and sensitized consumers rightly expect the highest degree of product safety and transparency in the production chain: from the raw material to the finished food on the store shelf. Among other things, STUTE placed the job of quality assurance under the responsibility of independent specialists. For example, an economically independent specialist institute for fruit and vegetable technology maintains a central laboratory within the STUTE plants. Likewise, several small in-house laboratories are located in the individual production areas. 

Our experts carry out the quality checks at the following levels:

  • Inspection and logging of incoming raw ingredient batches
  • Controls and logging during production
  • Examination and logging of the filled finished products
  • Organization and documentation of the return samples

The laboratory constantly carries out extensive chemical analyses and works with its own microbiological department. The experts also take daily samples from production.

Documentation of complete quality control

Quality begins with the strict selection of raw materials by the buyers. STUTE sources its raw materials from selected growing areas in all parts of the world. The qualities and parameters of agricultural products are contractually agreed with the producers and suppliers. To qualify our suppliers, we are obligated to comply with generally accepted social standards in the extraction of all raw materials.

Provenance and authenticity are checked with the most modern analysis methods and equipment. There is also research into any possible contamination.

Our production lines are regularly checked just as conscientiously: nothing is produced without approval of the specialist staff.

Each batch of raw materials is accompanied by the various stages of production and continuously tested by sampling.

STUTE Nahrungsmittelwerke GmbH & Co. KG are certified, among others, by:

  • IFS Food
  • BRC Food
  • ORGANIC in accordance with the German Öko-Basis-Verordnung (Basic Eco Regulation)
  • UTZ to support sustainable cocoa and hazelnut cultivation
  • DIN EN ISO 50 001 Energy management

That makes us

  • Best quality
  • Sustainability at all levels
  • Tailored products
  • Innovations